Chad Mitchell

On air

3 PM-7 PM

I was born and raised in a small town outside of Chicago. It's the quintessential middle of America town. My parents, Hosey and Elaine, still live there. Yep, you read that right. My dad's name is Hosey!!! He has the doctor who delivered him to thank for his name. He was named after him. I owe it to both of them for their love and support. In fact, my first radio gig was reporting farm prices and bake sales on our hometown radio station.

God picked out the perfect person for me in my wife. We met as Freshmen in college and have been together ever since. It sounds cliche but she really is my best friend and biggest fan. Together, we have a 15-year-old daughter named Georgia and a 1-year-old German shorthaired pointer named Juno. Juno is also female. The ladies in my life keep me busy and are always there to remind me that farts aren't funny. I have truly earned the nickname "Chad The Dad".

When I'm not drinking iced tea or eating pickles, I love being active in nature. I was an avid distance runner for many years. But, after several knee surgeries I now stick to walking, hiking and biking. A trail that my wife, daughter and I love to hike is Cretaceous Trail Loop. Getting my steps in is important. In fact, I compete in Fitbit's "Workweek Hustle" against a group of ladies I have never met. Penny is my toughest competition. The competition ends at midnight on Friday nights. If she sees that I'm winning, at 11:30 pm she will start walking.